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Air Handling & Ductwork Cleaning
Just some of the benefits that come with choosing CHS for Duct Cleaning:
  • We are members of the B&ES all cleaning is in compliance with B&ES TR/19
  • Ventilation ductwork cleaning from CHS conforms to insurance requirements
  • Our work conforms to the requirements of the Food Safety Acts
  • We're externally audited to ensure our work is in accordance to health & safety legislation
  • We provide a post clean report and ventilation duct cleaning validation certificate
  • We are registered with the Environment Agency for waste disposal
  • All our chemicals are biodegradable
  • COSHH regulations are strictly adhered to
  • BICS trained staff
  • £5,000,000 public liability insurance
  • We undertake site-specific risk assessment
  • No extra charges for night or weekend work

Most non-domestic premises will have ventilation or air conditioning installed with a ductwork system running through the building. Dust and debris will accumulate in these ducts and become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. These risks are increased where humidity and higher temperatures are a factor. Without regular duct cleaning, air will pass through the polluted duct carrying these allergens into the building, hence the system to provide fresh air to the buildings occupants is in fact doing the opposite. Buildings can suffer from “Sick Building Syndrome” . While the causes of Sick Building Syndrome were a mystery for a long time, it has now been shown to be a direct effect of poorly maintained ventilation systems helping to spread dust and airborne micro-organisms through a building.

With the introduction of Workplace Regulations 1992 it is every employer's and building owner's responsibility to ensure that the air introduced should be, as far as possible, free of any impurity that is likely to be offensive or cause ill health. Mechanical air systems should have effective filtration and be properly cleaned. The ventilation and / or air conditioning or other ducted system must be closely inspected for internal state of cleanliness.

To ensure that conditions for building occupants are comfortable and safe, it is the duty of the building owner or facilities manager to ensure this is undertaken and suitable records are maintained to support compliance.

Our comprehensive service will ensure the air duct system will be thoroughly cleaned from the supply system right through to the fresh air intake, mixing area and supply diffusers, the extract will be cleaned from the grilles through to discharge to include, motors and fan blades.

All work undertaken by Catering Hygiene Specialists is in accordance with the standards laid out by the B&ES Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association. As a member of the B&ES we are regularly audited ensuring our systems are in line with all recommended standards. On completion of the work, we always provide a detailed post clean report that can come together with a detailed photographic portfolio, if required.

Duct Fan Cleaning
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